Grate technology


Matrix Grate: New water-cooled and air-cooled grate

Water-cooled + air-cooled mixed cooling grate:

a row of whole fixed water-cooled grate (no chance of leakage, cooling effect is good!);

Water-cooled air-cooled interval arrangement (uniform cooling);

Two separate sets of air-cooled grates move in concert;

Segmented primary air supply and fan;

Hydraulic cylinder head arrangement (at room temperature);

There is no partition wall;

Simple lubrication system;

50% grate area moving, high turnover rate;

100% clearance coverage (minimal residue leakage);

Matrix water-cooled grate

1. It is a hybrid cooling system: water-cooled and air-cooled, horizontal row fixed grate with water-cooled and alternate row of air-cooled grate (marked S) (new feature).

2.The sliding grate (S row) in the mixed grate is an air-cooled grate, which distributes air for cooling and forward movement (adjustable slide) so that garbage is spread through the drop. These sliding air cooled grate strips are protected by the water cooled grate (F) above and below them by including the water cooled grate (1) above and the water cooled grate (F) below them and by the cooling of air imported into the furnace along them (S).