Sludge drying technology


Sludge drying granulation process


Matrix sludge drying granulation process
Indirect = pure heat conduction system

There is no contact between the sludge and the thermal conductor;

The sealing device

Safe in oneself;

High thermal efficiency;

Minimum evaporation flow;

A system that is inherently secure

Inert sludge evaporation (O2<1%) is also a low dust and low temperature product

Drying and granulation in one step

No separate granulating device required

No micellar risk

Gentle process

Particles move gently and continuously

Low evaporation rate

Low temperature process

High dwell time

Direct downflow system

No need to add granulator

Without screening mill

No large load dust filter

Reliable particle cooling

Pulmonary circulation warehouse

Small load deodorizer

Operation & Maintenance

• Powerful technology, automated operation

• Minimal auxiliary equipment

• Simple process control

Low operating cost
So far, dry granulation is the most advanced sludge treatment technology
•Environmentally friendly (least odor, no dust, high quality particles)

• The system operates entirely under negative pressure

• Minimal odor and no condensate flow

• The entire process is mild and produces no dust

•Own safety

• Low oxygen environment

• Low dust

• Low temperature

•Reliable and efficient cost

• Simple system

• Small energy consumption and footprint

•The market leader of the Metropolitan

• The first choice of international water treatment companies

• Numerous achievements!