Pyrolysis gasification technology


Fluidized bed pyrolysis technology

—— The maximum treatment capacity of zero-auxiliary fuel fluidized bed incinerator is ~300t/d, suitable for all low calorific value waste (calorific value range of 1MJ/kg~6MJ/kg, especially suitable for direct incineration of dehydrated wet sludge in sewage plant

—— The Matrixmultifuel fluidized bed incinerator is suitable for simultaneous incineration of a variety of high calorific value organic wastes and industrial wastes. It is suitable for the calorific value range above 6MJ/kg, and also suitable for the incineration of salt-containing industrial sludge

——The Matrixmulti waster fluidized bed pyrolysis incinerator is particularly suitable for the treatment of packaged hazardous solid waste, with the calorific value of the waste ranging from 0.5 to 40MJ/kg

The best solution to your waste problem

The best solution to your waste problem

1. The most thorough burning and the least environmental impact

2. Lowest operating cost

3. Using flexible

(Different garbage, easy to drive, easy to start and stop)

Features: Low temperature (about 450 degrees) pyrolysis, less pollution, high combustion efficiency, cylindrical furnace bed, suitable for sludge and hazardous waste incineration.
Why is combustion in a fluidized bed a good solution?

•Burn the rubbish thoroughly

​• Maximum reduction in volume and weight (ashes)

​• Maximize the use of combustion

Experience with fluidized bed pyrolysis incineration technology

1. Municipal sludge

2. Industrial sludge

3. Industrial waste

4. Medical waste

5. Biological waste

6. Cleaning of pollutants


• Zero auxiliary fuel (< 6 MJ/kg)

• A variety of fuel (6 - 18 MJ/kg)

• Waste pyrolysis furnace (up to 40 MJ/kg)